Friday, August 24, 2012

Wealth of Information at Your Fingertips!

Forest landowners who want some information on various aspects of timberland ownership can go to the Texas Forest Service website.  For a concise collection of links to all kinds of information, go to the Water Resources web page - -  and click on "Publications."  Scroll down until you find Forest Landowner Briefings.  The first edition covers a wide variety of topics pertinent to forest landowners.  Links are included so the viewer can delve more deeply into each topic.  The second edition, which was just published (August 2012), looks a little farther into more specific topics, including wildfire recovery, wildlife management, endangered species, forest taxes, and non-traditional income on forestlands.

These two newsletters were originally intended to be a resource for landowners with forested property in East Texas but living out of state.  However, any forest landowner can benefit from the information provided, especially new landowners who aren't sure where to start and what is available to them.  Take a look!

Photo by Ronald F. Billings, Texas Forest Service

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